An Association You Won't Believe is in Existence! (Part 1)

Is one thing to be practicing a trade and is another thing to be proud of it. There are some trades that are done in the secret in those days but now, those trades are no longer in the secret any longer. They are in the broad day life and are even bold to have them registered and have executive officers.
Hmmnn! Wonders shall never end.
Are you ready to know of them?
1. National Association of Nigerian Prostitutes (NANP ) is a professional organization based in Nigeria to assist
adult sex workers . The organization was formed out of opposition to the country's prostitution laws which criminalize sex work and all of its related activities.
NANP campaigns for equal access to healthcare, a safe work environment and protection from abuse and exploitation.  It is headed by a president who is elected by association members every 12 months.
As of August 2015, the president of NANP was Jessica Elvis. She held the post until her death from a heart-related disease on 25 October 2015.
The current president and secretary general are Tamar Tion and Sandra Efosa.
You don't need to doubt if they are Nigerians! They are and can be contacted.
Anytime you cross their way, they may sue you and if care is not taken, the case may drag down to supreme court.
2.  Another one is Association of Nigerian Hunters! What do they do? Don't let your mind take you to the bush alone!  They are very active in security matters these days. Ask of them from the Nigerian Army and you will be told of their efforts in combating terror activities especially in the popular forest of boko haram capital city.

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