When Pastor, Chief elderly stateman, Obasanjo cough in Nigeria, the country feels the effect.  Any government he writes is taken to be at the verge of rounding up. No wonder he's secretly referred to as EBORA OWU.  He spoke the truth in Abacha government though he paid for it somehow but Abacha himself did not survive it. 
The former President Olusegun Obasanjo-championed Coalition for Nigeria Movement was formally inaugurated on Wednesday  in Abuja and guess what is already having the big wigs of the country political class.  The movement lambasted the Federal Government over “the rising unemployment, insecurity and absence of credible socio-economic programmes” in the country.
Pastor Mathew Aremu Obasanjo in his open letter only proposed the coalition and people from all over the country are already gathering.  In his letter to President Muhammadu Buhari, he said that that despite the country being in the woods, there seemed to be no well thought-out programme of action by the government.  He further advised President not to contest forthcoming general election but the supporters of the incumbent are already gathering for his re-election hence the need for the coalition. We are not surprise at the president's muted stand to contest, it is the normal way Nigeria presidents used to keep the citizenry guessing until the last minute. Baba himself did it.
One would have been thinking that the former president is going back to his former employer - PDP, but he was quick to mention it that neither is APC nor PDP can take the country out of the woods we find ourselves. Pastor Obasanjo must have clearly admitted that he made mistake in supporting the removal of Goodluck Jonathan administration for General Buhari from the content of his letter.
As soon as the letter was out, APC released her restructuring plan and just a few hours ago released their plan for youths come 2019.  But it is becoming difficult if not impossible to trust APC promises again in Nigeria. Knowing fully well that so many promises were made during the electioneering period of 2015 but greater number of them are not fulfilled blaming the inability on their predecessor which of course they knew before they decided to take over. The worst of it is new dimension of insecurity in the country.  Farmers can no longer go to farm freely again for fear of herdsmen militants which was not there before.
The big thing to note in this coalition is the very person that made remark at the inauguration, Olagunsoye Oyinlola who is an employee of the ruling party! We may be thinking that many will join as time goes on.  They finally call for Nigerians to join the coalition and remove the incompetency out of Aso rock.  Youths and Nigerians, what do we do? Your comment please. Please don't abuse but be polite.

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