Nigerians last week recalled some of the election promises of the present administration and wonder if these promises were real or just political debates and sweet mouth to pave way for a new government of choice.
We bring few of the promises and would want you to tick accordingly:-
1.       Promise to reduce fuel price to N45 per litre
2.       Free education at all level
3.       I will pay 23 million Nigerians N5,000 montly
4.       I will increase minimum wage and place every graduate in salary for extra 1 year after their youth service

5.       I will revive all our refinery in my first one year in office and build more to produce more for our domestic consumption.
6.       I will crush Boko Haram in my first 3 months in office
7.       I will stop importation of refined products.
8.       Stabilizing the naira.
Above are just few of the promises before 2015 presidential election.  We keep on praying for the administration to stubble on these promises and help us to fulfil them.  It is a pity that human beings speak very easily but find it extremely difficult to fulfil their promises no wonder naija slogans - talk na cheap product but action dey expensive. (Expression is easy but action is tough)
A politician openly claimed recently that the inability to meet up with the promises was as a result of previous administration failure to put things in order but he was referred to APC deep knowledge of the economy then and yet still maintained that it will be fixed.
Anyway! We keep on praying for it the promises to be visited and brought back to normal

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