Prayers/Motivational Talks

May you claim this today as you give us your own post in Jesus name

How many holy water have you got in your house this year?

Claim your own today. Please post yours too
As you pray for an unknown, God is answering you also. When you speak a word something happens. Please post your prayers and encourage someone today in the space below.


  1. Jer 32:27 - God will intervene in the affairs of our country by making His good pleasure our delight, grant us pardon and forgive our sins, make what He has bestowed on us as blessings useful to us and our generation, guide each and every one of us along with our leaders in the right direction and ease our affairs, give us security against fear and make our country great again. All the enemies and all those against the achievement, success and progress of this Nation will bow and be disgraced in Jesus Mighty Name. Amen. Good morning and do have a blessed week.

  2. Great work, may God grant you more wisdom and understanding


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