Wonders, they say, shall never end.  It was a powerful wonder in Nairobi as a man and woman gummed together after sexual in an hotel.

It was a show of shame after a married man was caught stuck inside his sister-in-law while they were having sex in Kenya. Nairobi News reports that the incident which happened in Nakuru’s Tanners in East African country, saw the 55-year-old cheating father of five caught in the act after he had lied to his family that he was on his way to purchase a car after selling a piece of land but ended up in a hotel with his wife's younger sister.  But nemesis caught up with him after he and the woman became stuck together during the sex act » and was disgraced by the community members who carried them out and paraded them in the streets.

The illicit sex which took the whole night could not be terminated and this attracted the hotel management who helped to cry out and brought them out.  The news filtered into the country thereby the man’s wife was contacted.  The man's wife, Margaret Nabwire , who claimed that she had planted a very powerful charm on her husband to curb his adulterous ways and to expose him did not mince word by first of all asking she should be paid before providing solution. She eventually led them to her contractor, the witch doctor that did the job for her.  A woman handling such a tough job you will say!

The native doctor,  Annet Mutheu , did not commence job until she complelled the man and the sister-in-law to beg  Nabwire for mercy before she could separate them.  The two ad-hoc lovers did not waste any second before they pleaded more than even expected and the job was done.  “My sister, I’m exhausted, come, let’s talk. My sister, I’ve been ashamed today.” Those were the music of the female culprit begging her sister for mercy.

Explaining why she planted the charm on her husband, Nabwire said she took the drastic measure after neighbours told her that her husband has been cheating on her. “I have been married to him for more than 20 years and we have five children. Today, I decided to teach him a lesson. I paid the witchdoctor Sh 40,000 for ssistance.”

 “Thank you, my wife, thank you.” The man keep on shouting when he got separated from his ad-hoc lover.  The witch doctor said she uses 'kamuti' with names of either the wife or husband and ties it with a string until the cheating spouse is caught.
What a shame!  If you were  to advise this woman before she contracted lthe witch doctor, what would you have told her... comment!

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