I will protect the Yorubas, vowed the newly installed Aare Ona Kakanfo of Yoruba land, Gani Adams.  He made this vow immediately after his installation as the 15th Aare.  He said he would fight for the unity of Yoruba race and preservation of her culture.  He said the culture need to be embraced by the Yorubas more than how the non Yorubas especially in Europe, America and Asia are appreciating it.
Oyo town was filled to the brim yesterday as people from all over the world thronged there to witnessed the event.  It is a pity non of the governor of the Yoruba speaking state attended but sent their deputies and commissioners.  One may be tempted to ask why?  The title isn't a social title but full traditional. Even Ondo State governor where the present Aare Ona Kakanfor hail from sent representative.  Funny! Thank God the traditional king from Arigidi where the new Aare hail from was present.

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