FREEDOM AND JUSTICE PARTY - a grass root party

I was full of happiness seeing a party that can be addressed as true grass root party as she receives her registration certificate from INEC recently.  The party is known as FREEDOM AND JUSTICE party and she can only be described as grass root party based on her foundation.
This is a party that took off from local and rural areas.  The people behind it went to local and rural areas of the country to educate their brothers and sisters and then after came up with an understanding to float a party that can rescue the populace from the present favouritism, nepotism, corruption and indeed hunger/negligence in Nigeria of today.
Apostle Sam, the publicity secretary of the party was not free to speak to us but promised to give us full details of how the party was able to record huge success within the short period they were able to put things together.  You will read more on the party soon.

Jpeters welcome and rejoice with them  

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