Community High School, Fiditi, founded years ago situates in a serene city of Fiditi in Afijio Local Government Area of Oyo state is a by far a good foundation for many having produced men of repute in our society.
The school pioneer Principial, Mr. Steven Omowon laid a good foundation not only for the school but for all the students that passed through the school.  He made them to cultivate habit of discipline and hard work.  During his time, he implemented extra curricula activities that lasted till 4pm on daily basis except on Fridays.  This really paved way for greatness and educational success.
The late Mr. Omowon combined normal educational activities with quality practical farming and the resultant effect of this was keen interest in farming as hobby by almost all the students that passed through the school. Adieu pa Omowon.  Pa Omowon was dreaded then but these set of old students cannot do without praying for him today because they eventually discovered that his iron hands then was a training which has become part of them till today in their various endeavours.
Community High school released his first set to the public in 1982. These sets are notable in educational institutes.  Some of them are already education inspectors in States and Federal Ministries.  Today, the school is releasing hundreds of quality school leavers to the public despite her handicap and abandonment of the school by the government. This is the school where I saw students speaking French language as if they are brought up in French. Waoh. What a good school.
The school was blessed to have produced people that have interest of the school in mind hence the coming together of the old students under the auspices of Community High School Fiditi Old Students Association.  The Association is really putting heads together to pump more life into the school to be at par with any other school in the city like Lagos and Ibadan.  Recently, the Association met at Ola Royal Hotel, Oyo and decided to provide 40 chairs and tables for the school to cushion the lack of furniture for the student.  You need to see how they were eager to donate to this effect.
The school has produced, soldiers, police, etc that are highly rated in ranks, pastors of repute, teachers, business men and women to mention but few.
The good thing of the school is that the discipline foundation laid years ago is still being observed till date as can be seen in the school.  It will be better you send your kids to Community High School, Fiditi to enjoy from the inherited blessings

The address of the school still remain P.O. Box 59, Fiditi. Ma fowuro sere.

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