African adage says, "Marrying a woman is like buying a sealed good from the market in which you are not sure of its contents." It may not be totally correct these days as partners have discovered many ways to carry out checks on would be wife or husband before going into the union.  The truth of this modern day checks is that many of them still end in divorce. However, there are simple ways to know if a lady is a wife material or not.
Some men are fortunate with the type of woman they marry while some are not. The true behaviour of a woman is best seen after she becomes a married woman. A woman who says she can die for her husband before their marriage changes afterwards. She takes up the name, "I don’t care." ”She goes to parties for days without caring she has a husband at home to take care. This later on baffles the man who had thought she married an angel. One factor might be that the man failed to observe some big cracks during his relationship with the woman who later became his wife. 
Presently in Nigeria, certain behaviour is common among some ladies. Some of them do not think about a plan for the future with the man who proposes to marry them. Others do not even talk about what the future might hold. They just want to hoodwink a man whether he will marry them or not. Knowing if a lady is a wife material or not involves a man trying out one or more of these smart things. 
1.    Demand for pre-marital sex: Sex is one of the most important thing in marriage. Actually, Bible did not support pre-marital sex but this help to determine if a man or woman is marriage material.  Many ministries lay much emphasis on abstinence from sex before marriage. However, this is not the case in some religious organisations. They do not preach against pre-marital sex. A man who asked a woman out and later on the woman herself says she wants sex should be cautious of such woman. She could use that to trap him by getting pregnant. This is because she already knows the man is financially okay. By getting pregnant for the man, her dream of becoming the man’s wife is realised. If the man says he is not interested in sex before marriage, the woman will still insist she wants sex in order to achieve her ulterior motive. On the other hand, a wife material prefers to wait for post-marital sex.
2.    Take Me to Eatery Habit:  Some women are so cheap that the first thing they look for or ask for from a man is the habit of taking them to eatery to show that the man love them. This is one of the most effective ways to know if a lady is a wife material or not. A well brought up and responsible lady will eat little or nothing when her potential husband takes her to a fast food joint. On the other hand, a woman who is not sincere about marriage will order what she can never buy with her money. She will eat food worth thousands of naira. She eats in and takes away. She will say to herself that the man who bought the food for her is a big fool. She will not bother to call the man the following day to say thank you
3.    FREQUENT DEMAN FOR MONEY:  A woman that is yet to be hooked in holy matrimony ought not to even open her mouth to ask for money but is not so in many ladies who think once a man shows interest in them, the man is to be responsible for everything money suppose to do for them.  Ladies who are wife materials are very considerate. They hardly ask money from a man who is in a relationship with them. They do not ask money for recharge cards or chocolates. They do not want things that will incur expense and be a burden on the man. They are very shy in demanding money. This is because they know the man will still spend on them when he marries them. However, women who only love demanding money every now and then should be looked by men with a second eye.
4.    Shopping  ALL THE WAY!  Shopping must be done as long as human being is alive but when a woman compel man to become their bread-winner when they are yet to marry, there is a problem. A non-wife material woman is crazy about shopping. She wants the man to buy all sorts of expensive dresses and jewelleries for her. She does not think about the purse of the man. She does not think of planning with the man to save his salary. Even if the man spends beyond his monthly earnings on her, she does not care. She wants everything for herself.  A man once asked her fiancĂ©e why she make her head weekly and that whom is she enticing!  The lady response made the man to quit the relationship.  Don’t you know woman has to dress well to attract suitors.  So yours is the highest bidder?
5.    WOMAN’S INTEREST IN MAN’S FAMILY AND FRIENDS. This is a very thing to consider as human being especially Africans may not do away without their family. It may surprise some men when ladies they have interest to marry ask if they still have mothers or not. A selfish wife material does not want to see her mother-in-law at all. She believes in, "me and my husband." She sees her mother-in-law as a major obstacle to her having a happy matrimonial home. This is however not the case. Her disposition towards her marital life is a key to her having a happy marriage life. In addition, some men these days subtlely ask their potential wives various questions to know if they will be the one to marry or that they will still need to look elsewhere. The answers these men get assist them to know if a lady is a wife material or not.
In some cases, a woman may pass all the above and still not yet be a perfect wife at home after marriage.  There are some other personal test that a man need to carry out.  In one of our interview with a man he said:
 I marry my wife because when we were dating she proved to me that she was concerned with my happiness. Can you imagine a woman telling me to please forget about her hair to safe money for a family business after our marriage because she would want her children to have the best of education.  I got home that day and was asking myself, what else can a woman say to show that she was already thinking of her home!
Another man said:
My wife would not wait until I pay for something before she pays when we were courting and when I asked her one day, she ask me if there is difference between her money and mine! Saying just make sure you are not wasteful outside.
Mr James says:
I married my wife because she made me develop more love to my mother when we were courting and till today,  she made me to have a monthly salary for my mother.  She lost her parents when she was young and according to her, my mother is the only parent I have.

Men, whatever you hear or stumble at during your courting could proof to you whom your woman will be. Good luck.

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