2018! 2018!! 2018!!! THE YEAR OF JOY AND ADVANCEMENT

The year 2018 is declared as year of joy and advancement at the Revival Group Christian Mission,Kabayi branch.  As he was preaching, the man of God in charge of the parish, Evang. Peter Akinola went into trance and openly declared accordingly.
He said in the year 2017, many struggled to survive but the Heavenly Father has decided to grant an unspeakable joy and advancement to His people.  He further read from the book of 2 Peter 1:3-10 where he said God want them to move forward and to change their way of life.  He said, you can't keep on doing what you did in 2017 and expect anything different but do a new thing and see God giving you a new thing.  According to him, if you are found of driving your vehicle at  50km per hour to a distance and you want to get to the same place earlier than your usual place you will need to increase your speed hence you will not achieve any change.  
He encourage them on the need to fast and pray this year and see the result becoming more better than how it used to be.
So many spiritual exercise were carried out.  The year is for joy and advancement for all.

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