January 21, 2018 0
Hailed as the oldest cultivated plant in the world, garlic’s amazing health and healing qualities have been legendary for longer than the ...

How We Extract Bank Details From Stolen Phones To Withdraw Money – Suspects Makes Shocking Confessions

January 21, 2018 0
Some members of a criminal syndicate who connive with a staff of one of a new generation bank, apprehended by operatives of Nigerian Police...

New Nigeria Industrial Estate

January 18, 2018 0
*ROYAL FLEX ESTATE III* ______________ Royal Flex Estate III is a unique and attractive garden located in a strategic and conducive envir...
January 17, 2018 0
To make money is not a problem these days but the problem is on how to think.  Lekki is fast becoming the biggest Industrial  base of Nigera...
January 14, 2018 0
Fuel interview, please don't laugh alone but if you are a youth, what do you say of this old man
January 14, 2018 0
What's your comment on this video, can this guy be right or wrong.  Your comment pls
January 14, 2018 0
BENUE KILLING, A POLITICAL PROMISE OR ERROR The dead ones are Nigerians and the place was Guma and Logo local government area of Benue ...
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